Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day is April 22

Happy Earth Day!

We'd like to take a page from another retailer, Heffy's Collections, and post this quote about vintage and consignment clothing and its benefits:

the people who wear vintage and love vintage are doing their share for the planet and then some. The clothes were made long ago and the resources and materials have already been used. This is recycling at its finest. Instead of going to the mall and buying new, it's the perfect re-use. The clothing we sell is usually secondhand even if it's not vintage. Clothing hits the environment in so many ways. Natural fiber like cotton needs fertilizer, pesticides, and petroleum products to be grown and produced. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester begin with the same process and materials used to make plastic bottles (i.e. crude oil). If a person chooses to re-use one outfit rather than buying new, it can help. Even tiny steps are good ones.

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