Monday, February 3, 2014

We Have Records!

Meow! is pleased to announce that in addition to our same great selection of pre-loved and vintage fashion and accessories, we are now the home of Royal Cat Records, a boutique record store located WITHIN Meow!

We've devoted the front of our store to this new division of the mighty Meow! empire and stocked it full to bursting with tons of vintage vinyl and shiny new releases. So you can find Joni Mitchell and Led Zeppelin alongside Arctic Monkeys and Modest Mouse, and lots more. We will also be carrying a curated selection of local and Canadian indy music and select rock and roll collectibles. We can also special order new releases and reissues, if that's your heart's desire!

Please come and check out our redesigned store-within-a-store! And stay tuned for more news and updates!

Royal Cat Records on Twitter --check for new arrivals and up-to-the-minute action