Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Guelph News: Hanlon Creek Protest

So the big news in Guelph recently is the occupation at Hanlon Creek. The city wants to build a new business park (for factories and stuff) in an area of Guelph that is home to old growth forest and an endangered species of salamander. Some dedicated people have occupied the future construction site to raise awareness of this issue and try to get the city to change its plans. This is a very important cause that touches so many issues, including quality of life, our environment, business, and city government.

The city has gone to the police and to the courts to gets the protesters out. There is a long fight ahead and and it may be costly. It will also require people turning out to gatherings at City Hall and writing letters to the mayor and city council members. Here are some resources:

The Occupiers' blog
Adam Donaldson of Echo Weekly's Guelph blog
Daily Mercury Blog


The occupiers and their support network need food and other support. They will alos need legal money. Supporters are selling pins and bracelets made from dead vegetable life found at the site. We have some at Meow! but they are also available elsewhere.

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